Youth @ EuroDIG 2014

Hi there!
This is an EuroDIG Ypart, an online participation tool for the European youth only (this means, non-youth is kindly requested to stay outside).
What is this tool for? Young people have a special slot, called youth session in the upcoming EuroDIG meeting on June 2014. EuroDIG is the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, where we discuss issues on internet politics and new media and YOU can have your say by helping organize the youth agenda!

What happend so far? We already ran several preparatory meetings and an [online survey] ( to narrow down the topics you care about the most. We held a vote on the most popular themes of the survey and the most popular topic turned out to be Privacy amongst young people. In a general discussion, which you can find here we found the most relevant issues within the topic of privacy are linked to mass surveillance, digital activism and data security.

What's next? We will set up a working group with the people involved in the earlier discussions to clarify the open questions regarding the youth session: What format will we have? Who should speak? How will it be moderated?

Brand new proposals